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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Qdoba & Gumbo !!!!!!! After 4 LONG, LONG years :) :)

To these lines, no one may be ears...
But after FOUR...LONG...YEARS !!!!
As this moment finally nears...
I only have joyful tears!

It's been a long, LONG time!
Not having this upon landing would've been a crime!
Here it is...divine and sublime!
The Gumbo at its prime! :)

HELLO, dearest Qdoba !!!! :) I missed you. A LOT!
For 4 years, you were in my every thought!
In the lure of the Gumbo, I will forever be caught! :)
Ok folks, let me eat this while it's YUMMY HOT!

So with this I end this little outburst,
Which might well be one of the world's worst :P
But well, on my mind, this has always been first,
It's time to quench what has been a LONG thirst! :) :)

(Eaten at JFK Travel Plaza, moments after I landed at JFK airport)

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ashok said...

Amazing blog...loved going thro your posts...keep it up