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Thursday, July 10, 2014

On Bruno's first death anniversary

On this very day, last year, my Bruno passed away. I am no poet, but as I look back, I only have these lines to say:

It has been a year,
since the day that caused many a tear;
It's hard to believe that you're not here,
the blow is definitely severe!

For the world, you're someone mere,
but for us, you're way too dear!
Your heart's condition I had never wanted to hear,
For every time, it had only brought in more fear.

Days sometimes get real dark,
when one hears only silence and not your bark;
These lines may not be up to the mark,
but writing about you is never a walk in the park!

I hope that up above, you're reading this;
You're someone I truly miss,
for you gave me the most bliss;
Wish you were around to give me with your wet nose, one big kiss!

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