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Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Solider for Women - submission to BlogAdda

This post is a submission to BlogAdda's "Solider for Women" initiative. 

Let's face it - thanks to social media, a lot of us have become armchair activists. Any incident of an atrocity against women, we all love to get all flared up and furiously post tweet after tweet condemning the turn of events and shift our attention to the next big issue the following day. No one really spares hours of thought on such things, unless it happens to any of their own folks. While it marks lack of real courage on our part to actually do something in the real world to make it a better place for women, what it also marks is helplessness - utter helplessness considering the sorry and pathetic state of affairs we're all living in. The number of cases of whistle-blowers being attacked is only increasing. 

It takes real courage and pride to actually stand up and fight offenders and this is what I wish to present in this post - an incident where a friend of mine, Ganesh Srinivas Prasad a.k.a Gani actually stood up for a lady co-passenger in a bus, by giving an offender a piece of his hefty self. 

For those who know Gani, it would hardly be surprising that his Facebook posts are a constant source of amusement for all the friends on his list - be it the interesting anecdotes about his daughter, whom he can never stop expressing his love for, or his movie reviews with ratings of decimal precision, the mechanism behind which no one is aware of :D ...or any incidents he comes across on a day-to-day basis. It was on one such day, that I came across this Facebook post of his, where he narrated his story, giving all friends on his friend list a major reason to swell their hearts with pride.

In Gani's own words, here is the story :

"When I was going to durga ( Chitradurga ) last weekend I was sitting on the left most seat in the last row. A guy sitting 2 seats to my right was trying to feel a girl's back and hair who was sitting in front of him. He was waiting for the bus to brake and situations like those. She was sleeping. When the bus halted for snacks break I talked to her in the hotel and told that the guy sitting behind her was trying to get fresh with her and told her to be careful and on guard. Then the journey continued. As evening turned to night and the bus lights were switched off the guy got more anxious and thinking all were asleep he planned his next move. I was acting to be asleep and was seeing his acts through the reflection in the window. Then he made his move. He put his hand on her left shoulder. And SLAP I gave him. I was waiting to catch him red handed. The girl joined and slapped him. And others followed. We made that guy to get down somewhere in No man's land and the journey continued. The whole bus was awake. The pretty girl thanked me for the concern. Then 2 ladies recognised her to be a Kannada Tv serial actress Kavya Kannan. I apologized for not knowing her as I dont watch serials. She was thankful and felt happy that a guy cared for a girl's safety whom he didnt even know. I promised I would watch her serial Arundhati on ETV Kannada. I got down at Chitradurga reciprocating to her Thank you with an All the best. And totally Un-Gani like I just moved on without asking for her phone number or Facebook details preferring the 'Good Samaritan who preferred to be a stranger' act.

PS: True story. And I was really really angry sensing the guy's plan to make wrong moves on a woman. Hate it when guys ill treat women."

I'd really like to pass on my compliments to BlogAdda for this wonderful initiative - such guys are a rare class and definitely need to be honoured for their valor and guts! Also, lastly, I'd like to once again applaud and appreciate Gani for his brave act! :) 



gani said...

Thanks a lot maga. Born to write you are :-)

Ashwin S Kumar said...

You're most welcome, maga! Your story deserves to be told to BlogAdda

Saru Singhal said...

We hardly come across such men. Though this post reminds me of an incident where a courageous girl slapped (how many slaps happened, I can't recall) a guy in the bus and as we were daily commuters, I never saw that guy again.

We need more men like your friend.

satchitananda said...

Thanks for sharing this heart-warming story of a man with his sense of justice in the right place. Am so glad all the people in the bus stood up for the girl for a change.

Maria Perry Mohan said...

Thanks for this post. Loved it. Good man, Gani and to Ashwin for sharing it...