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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vishwaroopam / Viswaroopam - WISH it were really worth every ROOBA I spent ! [ SPOILER-FREE ]

This is not really a blog post from me was meant to be posted as a Facebook status update...but by my standards, it was too long for that :D ..and well, just about short enough for a blog post :P...So here I go!

Well, first of all....Kamal has fighting a hard battle and has become the darling of the public. So I guess the movie might ride really high on public sentiment alone ...

But coming to the movie, WISH it were really worth every ROOBA I spent :D
Anyway, a phenomenal, outstanding, absolutely laudable effort...of a magnitude that Tamil Cinema has NEVER seen before...and may probably never see again, unless Kamal Hassan is still around...

But sadly, the haphazard storyline lets the movie down....A handful of scenes are OUTSTANDINGLY brilliant :

1. The portion when the title song begins is ONE OF THE ALL-TIME BEST SCENES of Tamil Cinema WITHOUT A DOUBT !! I, along with the house-full audience screamed, roared and howled for a minute...non-stop !! It was THAT punch-packed !! The last time I saw such a phenomenal intro was I think in Vettaiyadu Vilayadu ( And ..err..Veerasamy of course :P :P )

2. The portions shot in Afghanistan, showcasing their terror camps, what actually goes on there ( especially with children ) & the war that happens ...are 2 other portions of exquisite brilliance !!
They bear the class stamp of Kamal Hassan all over them...

But sadly, that's all there the rave about...The rest of it is a messed-up dream that has gone totally haywire...

Kamal Hassan:
Well, his acting & hard work needn't be talked about - superb, as always...but, as a director and script-writer, he is far from satisfactory...That he has got unbelievable potential is well revealed in some of the scenes like the ones I just talked about...but IMO, he should really leave the job to a specialist director...

I have a feeling that Kamal, tending to go his own way completely, ignores other perspectives that might tell him why certain things don't work...which is why movies that he hasn't directed or proxy-made Vettaiyadu Vilayadu and Unnai Pol Oruvan still remain his best movies in recent times...

Dasavatharam had the commercial touch by KS Ravikumar to save itself from being an epic disaster...
One did go back home with some admiration for Kamal's superhuman efforts, creativity deep-rooted story ( analogy with 10 avatars of Vishnu etc ) & the dare to be different in that one...
But Manmadhan Ambu was an absolute failure ...This one too, falls flat, except for certain scenes...

I dunno why she is there in the movie. Kovai Sarala would've been better! :D I'm not kidding! :D

Pooja Kumar:
Having seen her in REALLY good movies like Flavors, it is a disappointment to see her in this kind of a funny heroine role. She almost ends up being as irritating as Asin in Dasavatharam.

Rahul Bose:
Again, just a villainous look doesn't guarantee a good performance. He has been terribly under-utilized in the movie is what I felt! May be the sequel does greater justice..I dunno..let's see! But for this one, even Manivannan could've put on such a disguise and done this role!

Shankar Ehsaan Loy:
Awesome songs! Probably the only thing in the movie that is NOT a letdown!

The climax - Well, disappointing. I won't say anything more.

As for the controversial so-called "anti-Muslim" portions ...well, it is left to one's own discretion - If Indian Muslims feel that they are NOT terrorists, then they really have no reason to get outraged, because this movie is wholly based on Afghan terror & NOT on Muslims living in India. In my opinion, there would've been a serious case if the movie depicted Islamic Terror in India - EVEN THAT is very well allowed, thanks to Freedom of Speech and Expression. It would've made sense if Indian Muslims voiced their dissent over it, due to fear of being stereotyped. That's understandable - I severely voiced my dissent over Ra.One - the horrific way in which SRK portrayed a Tamilian was very detestable, because many North Indians already have a stereotype image of Tamilians and SRK just made it worse, with this movie. I pray to God that his upcoming "Chennai Express" doesn't make it worse.

BUT, in spite of all this, Ra.One doesn't deserve a ban ( though many wish it did :P ) ! SRK is ALLOWED to portray such a ridiculous character under Freedom of Expression. So while voicing dissent is allowed and integral to democracy, banning movies for such things in my opinion is unconstitutional. The state SHOULD NOT go soft on people who threaten violence.THAT TOO when the movie is showing Afghan terror - NOTHING related to Muslims in India.

Aside from my hunch that this whole controversy is politically motivated, what I feel might have irked Muslims is the over-use of "Allah ho Akbar" and the undue focus on usage of Urdu. Well, I don't want to comment on whether it is religiously offensive, but the constant uttering of "Allah ho Akbar" starts becoming a turn-off in a movie that's supposed to entertain. Kamal has done this earlier too - Asin saying "En perumal..en perumal" non-stop in Dasavatharam, for example.

And what's with Kamal's mandatory scene where he talks about "kadavul" in every movie of his? :D

Anyway, I don't want to reveal more and spoil the movie. I would say, if you are Kamal fan, DO GO watch it, but remember this - expect only 2-3 scenes to be good..well, REALLY good! You'll find yourself massively admiring those scenes and scratching your head in the remainder of the movie, wondering what the hell is going on!


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