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Thursday, February 9, 2012

On crossing 100 fans - A note of thanks

Breaking away from satire :D ...I just wanted to express my HEARTFELT thanks to each and every one who has liked my FB page :) ..It is TRULY a HONOR for me ..considering I'm a nobody :P ...& the fact that I'm an ugly guy ...not a hot chick :P or a "HD" Kumaraswamy :D ..

Anyways, I know that when it comes to music - I'm amateur ..not professional ...& like some trolls have abused me, I may well suck donkey 3@||$. A lot of people have told me that I write too much, I write too informally, & I write too often :D ..without giving any gap :D ...But that's just me!! :D So yeah, considering all this, getting 100 likes on my page is TRULY an HONOR...and like an award for me :) :) ..all this, considering THE MOST important fact, that I have NEVER, at any point, asked ANYONE to like my page :) :) ..Whoever has done so, has done on their own will & appreciation :) :)...Right from the very first person to like the page, Thejas :) ..until the 100th one, Shaswath :) ..
Thanks A TON people :) ..for all your support, encouragement, blessings, appreciation, criticism ...Thanks a bunch for everything!! :) God bless you all !! :) With God's grace, I can only hope to continue entertaining you all by making more & more songs, writing more & more satire, T.R dialogues & general stuff :) ..
 To all those who wanna put me down - there's one thing you should know :) ..No amount of abuse or trashing from you guys can stop me from doing what I'm passionate about :)  Keep trying, dream on !! :)

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शङ्जि सजीवन said...

Good Comparison But Always 3idiots were Awesome, heart touching,funny, some scenes my tears round in my eyes.
Amir khan is Excellent actor, but vijay is not well as a college student, however vijay is only for action movies. this was the bad decision by shankar.
Surya,vikram,arya,dhanush is best for that role, surya already proved in one of his movie 'varanam ayiram', sorry I'm not a fan of surya.
Vijay's acting was very poor in emotional scenes,Also he is not look like a college student.