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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Ahoy!! (Srihari, this very word reminds me of the Cows & Bulls game we used to play. This is one of the few words which you couldn't guess! :D...and as far as I remember, Abhijeet Sharma used to love this game too :). Do you still do, Abhijeet? )

Alright...Well, first of all, before I begin, I'd like to thank everybody for the amazing warmth & support extended to me by all of you, for my latest message "Save A Girl Now" feat. Pavi, Poorni, Puneeth & Achuth.

I would like to refer to it more as a message than as a song, because I did it with that intention.

Anyway, for the past month or so, I've become a sort of narcissist, in that I keep listening to my own songs quite often :P...But hold it, it ain't self-obsession...:P...
I mainly listen to my songs over & over again to scout for areas & portions of the songs which can be improved or parts which could do with some extra sounds & music.

That apart, everybody knows what a die-hard fan of Yuvan & Harris Jayaraj I am....Some of my recent Yuvan favorites are "Yaar Solli Kadhal" from the PATHETIC movie "Padhinaaru"...& "Vennira Iravugal" from what seems to be like the next Sam Anderson kinda movie,"Pesu", with a Sam-Anderson-like hero.

However, the topic of this post is "Kuviyamilla" - Harris Jayaraj's latest SENSATIONAL chartbuster hit song from the yet-to-be-released movie "Ko". The song has become such a rage ever since 30 sec of it was first launched as a "teaser" of the movie. I was addicted to it too :).
I used to listen to those 30 sec on repeat mode :). It was a signature Harris Jayaraj tune.

Then, the audio released. The album was a big disappointment for me, because it TOTALLY lacked freshness. It spelled "deja vu" from every possible angle. The thing with Harris songs is, they are almost always the same kind - same set of chords, same set of song patterns, same set of singers ..& more often than not, recycled tunes too. He is someone who has been sitting in his comfort zone for a decade now & basked in that.

However, no matter how repetitive they sound, how stale they sound, they have such MEMORABLE & SOUL-STIRRING tunes...& NONE BUT HARRIS SONGS CAN SOOTHE YOU....That is indeed the USP of Harris....Harris can be added to the dictionary as a synonym for the word "soothe".
And that's why he still rules the roost.

IF ONLY Harris concentrates a little more on orchestrating his songs differently, THERE IS NO STOPPING HIM AT ALL !!!

Anyways, coming back to the album, THIS SONG STOOD OUT. This is THE ONLY SONG in the album which I LOVED. The rest are absolutely disappointing. "Amali Thumali" is OKAY, but I feel it is a very novice attempt. One really wouldn't have expected something like that from Harris Jayaraj.

The song is EVERY BIT, TRADITIONAL Harris fare. It starts off in a TRADEMARK Harris fashion, with my favorite (& I guess Harris' too, given how many songs he keeps using it in) chord sequence - Cm, Fm, Gm. Along with the rich piano sound of these chords, comes a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL tune in what seems to be a Bassoon or a French Horn. I mean, I could just listen to that 1 tune over & over again. The song would've sold millions even if it had just been all of 12 sec with that tune.

Then enters Aalaap Raju's BRILLIANT voice rendering Madhan Karky's MAGICAL, OUT-OF-THE-WORLD EXTRAORDINARY lyrics...
I don't understand half the lines...given my knowledge of Tamil is limited to spoken Tamil & not literature...BUT IF EVER THERE HAS TO BE A CHAPTER ON HOW TO WRITE LYRICS THAT MATCH A TUNE....IT HAS GOT TO BE THIS SONG !!!!!

One really CANNOT think of any other words which GEL with the music...These lines gel with the tune more awesomely than Eminem gels with the rap genre....or say, Rakhi Sawant gels with drama...or....okay, I guess I don't have to add any more nonsensical metaphors! :D..


In between comes Prashanthini's humming....again another signature of Harris...:)...It is SUPER- AMAZING how Harris can make such a ROCKING song ( I mean...100s of them) using just 4 chords in rotation - Cm, Fm, Gm, A#.

Then comes in Dr.Burn's rap and the Harris-Burn combo has successfully repeated the magic of "Hasili Fasili" in this song too. Writing rap might look like writing nonsense and may look trivial, but mind you, it is NOT. The rap in this song has magic too! Fits in PERFECTLY with the tune & wonderfully complements Karky's exemplary stuff.

Then in the second Charanam comes my FAVORITE line in this song - "Kanaa kaana thaane penne kankondu vandheno" :) :)...OH-SO-AWESOME!! :)....Then the song ends with chorus going along with the starting tune again.

WOW!! Like many Harris songs, this really isn't a song...LISTENING TO THIS SONG IS AN EXPERIENCE TO BE CHERISHED :)...

STILL....there's not a SINGLE PART of the song which doesn't spell "magic" instead of "music" :)....BOWS & WITHDRAWS, HARRIS.....If I come close to making something which sounds even 1% as magical as this song, I'd consider myself a good musician :)...

I'm glad to have you as one of my inspirations, Harris....ROCK ON! :)

I'm BIG-TIME ADDICTED to this song....Songs like these make you fall in love again & again :)...
I'm sure someone who has even had a terrible breakup yesterday or few hours ago...will be able to forget everything, and fall in love with this song & enjoy if nothing ever happened! :D

Cheers to this EXTRAORDINARY MASTERPIECE of a song!! :)
Songs like these shall always make sure people celebrate love :)...

P.S - "Kuviyamilla" means "out of focus" said by Madhan Karky himself.

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