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Monday, January 10, 2011


Well...whoever thought that Chandra Layout was this very silent, calm, residential locality (it still is, actually) with nothing else but houses and 2 stretches of huge apartments....PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AT IT AGAIN!! :) ....

I've been a part of Chandra Layout for almost 7 years now....and trust me on this - IT HAS CHANGED A LOT !!!!! ....Well, so far, we had cool places like Polar Bear (the 2nd best ice cream parlour ever :) ranking behind Corner House), JustBake, Cane Crush (Sugarcane juice from heaven!), the ever-awesome Dominos :) (besides a lot of wine shops :P and "bar and resturents" :P :P)....But that was it....I mean, even places like Basaveswaranagar, Rajajinagar etc had a lot of these branches....Chandra Layout was COOL, but needed something to become REALLY COOL!!

AND IT DID GET SOMETHING REALLY COOL ..for its standards! :D - A SPORTS BAR!!!!!!! :)
To the best of my knowledge, I've not heard of any sports bars in Bangalore....I mean..fine..even if there are sports bars in MG Road or Brigade makes sense...BUT...A sports bar in CHANDRA LAYOUT, OF ALL PLACES?? :D wow!! We had seen it a few days ago..and today..I had to dine somewhere with my friends...I decided to check out this place..;)

Well...Sports bars are aplenty in the US..and I've been to a few of them..:)....Sports bars (AT LEAST THE ONES I'VE SEEN) are usually characterized by -
  • awesome drinks (beer + kadlekai/groundnuts - AWESOME! :D),
  • not-so-great food...(usually Sandwiches, Salad, Pasta & Other grilled stuff)...
  • awesome hostesses/servers ;) ;),
  • awesome music (sometimes live music, else...brilliant techno/rock music)...
  • obviously dark inside with a very hep and happening look, like any pub..:) ..
  • a lot of TV screens...some giant ones too, screening college football or basketball or baseball..depending on the season..:)...
  • dartboards and darts...pool tables...foosball tables :)......
  • a LOT of youngsters (some superhot blondes ;) ) and oldies alike ...having a ball of a time there..cheering enthusiastically for their favorite team...
In short, the whole place resembles a stadium-like atmosphere in a pub-like setting :)...IT IS A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!! :)

We finally went to the very intriguing sports bar in Chandra Layout, Cibo Esca :D ...It said Cibo Esca - sports, resto, grill....Sounded very cool and hep and trendy :)....We went up to the 2nd floor...a man opened the door...We went into what looked like an awesome pub :)...Great settings...darkness inside with blue lighting along the walls...about 2 feet from the floor....Great seating...It really looked like a great place :)....

But how this one was different from American sports bars :P -
  • Cricket matches on the TVs (some 1990 India-Pak match was being telecast on Ten Cricket :P)..
  • No pool tables, foosball tables or dartboards..
  • It was mostly families ...One guy had come with his small kid..can you believe it?? :-o getting your 2-year-old a bar? :-o :-o...
  • Food: Indo-chinese starters..manchurian & all....then panneer chilli......main course - strictly north Indian :P...panneer butter masala, veg. kolhapuri, biryani, kulcha etc...:P :P :P...the best item on the menu was "Paruppu Vada" :P :P..WOW!!!!!! Paruppu Vada in a sports bar?? :D :D
  • Saunf at the end :P :P
So yeah, this was more like A NORTH INDIAN a sports-bar setting!! :D ...I satisfied my recent craving for Kingfisher beer + Egg biryani :)...

2 things were common though...between our local Indian sports bar and the American sports bars which I've been to :P
  • The food wasn't good ...well, that's fine...people usually don't go to a sports bar to eat!! But of course, the Kingfisher pint was AWEEEEESOMEEEE, to say the least :D :D
  • The music - it was really nice!!..Rihanna, Eminem, Bon Jovi...."Hey soul sister :)"...Good stuff!! (@Arun CS - almost every song had YOUR chords dude ;) :P ) obviously can't compare this one to American sports bars....BUT, for Chandra Layout standards :P...this is REALLY WAY TOO COOL !! :)'s an awesome place! :)

I'm DEFINITELY gonna come to this place during Cricket World cup/IPL-4...some RCB matches will SURELY be SUPER FUN to such a setting!!! :) :)
Probably even EPL/Champions League matches....I'm sure there'll be a LOT of ManU fans at this place :) ....

CHEERS to Cibo Esca!! CHEERS to sports bars!! CHEERS to Kingfisher beer!! CHEERS to Chandra Layout :)


Abhiram said...

I see. Yelli idiyo idu?

Ashwin S Kumar said...

HP petrol bunk pakkadhalle mama :P

food is ok..but surely much better than Trimurti Darshan's Masala puri or your Aloo chaat :P :P :P

pushki said...

awesome man!! Looks I gotta get back to Blore soon ;)

Ashwin S Kumar said...

yeah Pushkar...come back soon :D

Amit Agarwal said...

hey ashwin,
thanks for this review
after a saw ur post,i happened to go to CIBOESCA.
Contrary to what u ve mentioned, i actually liked the whole thing.
The food was real good.
i guess they ve worked on their food section.
The ambiance is undoubtedly super comfy.
Plus, the service was real quick.
THE GIANT SCREEN was a treat to match the match on.
In all SUPER LIKED the place.

In case u happen to go again, do lemme post ur experience :)

Ashwin S Kumar said...

^^ cool :)..looks like you had a great time there..

Yeah..even I'm thinking of watching one of the big matches (May be Ind v/s Eng) over there..should be real fun!! :)


Ashwin S Kumar said...

^^ cool :)..looks like you had a great time there..

Yeah..even I'm thinking of watching one of the big matches (May be Ind v/s Eng) over there..should be real fun!! :)


faryal naaz said...

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