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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The warm pad


Okay...Like I mentioned in previous posts...Earphones are always on me...even if clothes aren't :P..
I'm that much of a music-lover....Thanks to my bro who bought me an 8 GB Apple Ipod Nano around 3 years ago (passé I know, with all the Ipad, Itouch, Iphone etc etc), when I'm not on the comp listening to music...the Ipod's on me...

I woke up at 3.30 am today...thanks to insomnia...and I was listening to music on my Ipod...The song playing was "Mudhal Mazhai" from "Bheema", one of my all-time favorite songs, one of THE BEST Harris Jayaraj songs & one of the best romantic songs in Tamil cinema, sung by the evergreen Hariharan, the astonishing Mahathi and with the angelic humming of Prasanna. That was when it struck me - I thought of penning down (or in today's age, the word should be typing down) my strong love for the warm pad - well, before you get confused, it's not one of those pads which you wear on top of a painful body part, so that the pain eases is indeed another way of curing pain though :)...It's a musical instrument...mainly a SYNTH instrument - one which is used to provide the background music for a song...and in my opinion, it provides THE BEST background music, THE BEST and MOST SOOTHING effect, that I forget all pain any time I listen to a song which has used the warm pad :)

Unlike most people, who listen to music as they work, study, jog or exercise or whatever, I can't multitask with music :)..WHEN I LISTEN TO A SONG, I'M FULLY INTO IT :)...I look into ALL PARTS OF IT - feel, tune, rhythm, chords, bass, instruments, background sound etc...I literally chop the song into its constituent parts and analyze each part :)...and in this post, I'm focusing on the background sound and in particular - the warm pad :)...

I've NEVER SEEN an ACTUAL warm pad synthesizer in my life ...I've ONLY HEARD IT...and I've USED its sound..:)
Confused? Well, thanks to my uncle and brother who've bought and helped me buy 2 Yamaha keyboards (PSR-295 and PSR-413 respectively). 295 is the model I have in India and 413 is the model I used in the US. Warm pad is the tone which is no. 357 on the 295 model. I don't EXACTLY remember its number on the 413 model, but it is SURELY there :).

It was when I started playing the 295, that this sound caught my attention. I was just fascinated and blown away by its smoothness and soothing ability. I played my favorite chord sequence - Cm, Gm, Fm, Gm using this sound and the feel was just magical ! The music is really so magical (at least for me), it really touches and stirs my soul. It is not at all surprising that I blindly use the warm pad and my favorite chord sequence as the background for most of my songs.

Coming to its use in songs, it is predominantly used in many many songs worldwide. In most songs, it is not so obvious i.e. It runs really low in the background, one really has to focus his attention to the background of the song or the chords, to identify it. However, there are some songs in which this sound is really prominent. If the sound were to be removed from the song, it would no longer have its magical feel. Though it may not seem so, the sound is really the backbone or rather, the heart of the song.

MOST Harris Jayaraj songs have the warm pad :) (well at least the sound is SO similar to that of the warm pad, methinks IT IS indeed, the warm pad in use) and the best part - in most of his songs, the warm pad is PROMINENT - Not surprising at all, why I LOVE Harris songs the most. Now you know the main reason for the magical feel of most of his songs :). Another delightful combination of 3 chords (which I presume is Harris' favorite sequence, because he uses it in most of his songs) is Cm, Fm, A# - this one, when played on warm pad gives another feeling which soothes you(well, at least me!) like heaven :).

Some of the songs where the usage of this sound is prominent -
(As of now, I'm just writing down those songs which come to the top of my head ...This list shall be updated as and when I remember any song with this sound)

1. Most songs of Minnale - Azhagiya Theeye, Vaseegara, Verenna Verenna, Poopol Poopol
2. Majunu - Gulmohar Malare
3. Lesa Lesa - Mudhal Mudhalai
4. Samurai - Aagaya Sooriyanai
5. Saamy - Tirunelveli Alwa, Hayyayo Pudichirukku
6. Arasatchi - Iruvathu vayathil
7. Arul - Marudha malai
8. Thotti Jaya - Yaaridamum, Thotta power
9. Ullam Ketkume - Oh Maname
10. Ghajini - Suttum Vizhi Chudare(MOST PROMINENT USAGE EVER, METHINKS)
11. Vettaiyaadu Vilayadu - Paartha Mudhal, Uyirile
12. Pachaikili Muthucharam - Unakkul Naane, Un Siripinil
13. Unnaale Unnaale - Title song
14. Bheema - Mudhal Mazhai, Enadhuyire
15. Sathyam - Chellame Chellame
16. Dhaam Dhoom - Anbe en Anbe
17. Vaaranam Ayiram - Yethi yethi
18. Ayan - Nenje Nenje
19. Aadhavan - Vaarayo vaarayo
20. Orange - Nenu Nuvvantu
21. Engeyum Kadhal - Naangai, Thee Illai
22. Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein - title song

The ones in which ARR has used it -
1. Jodi - Kadhal Kaditham
2. Jeans - Kannodu Kaanbadhellam
3. Pukar - Ek tu hi bharosa
4. Tajmahal - Tirupachi Aruvala
5. Karuthamma - Thenmerku
6. Pudhiya Mugam - Netru Illadha Maatram

Yuvan has used it in one of his all-time best songs - "Iragai Pole" from "Naan Mahaan Alla", then I guess in "Kaatrukkullai" from "Sarvam", the Pallavi portion of "Kadaloram" from "Kunguma Poovum Konjam Puravum"...That's all I can think of now :)...Like I said, I'll be updating this post as and when I find more songs which have the warm pad :)...

James Vasanthan struck the jackpot by using the warm pad in his chartbuster "Kangal Irandal"

Vijay Antony has used it in one of Tamil Cinema's most sensational hits ever - "Nakku Mukka", proving that this sound adds well to the beauty of even with the most rocking koothu song!

Himesh Reshammiya has used it in "I Love you Sayyoni", my favorite song of Himesh :D (music-wise, of course!!)

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have used it in one of Bollywood's greatest melodies till date - "Chup Chup ke" from "Bunty aur Babli"

Kollywood's latest music sensation, Dharan, a Harris Jayaraj protégé, used it in his best song till date, the song which catapulted him to fame, "Unnai Kandene" from his National Award-winning Debut movie, "Parijatham".

God bless whoever invented it :)
It has, long ago, added itself to the list of things which give me extreme joy :)

Long live the warm pad !! :) Here's looking forward to more and more soothing, soul-stirring melliflous melodies which it forms the heart of !! :)

- Ashwin.


Abhiram said...

I see. Unakkul Naane bidalla neenu... YAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEY... Most melodius is the second para in that...

Ashwin S Kumar said...

Arre mama, chennagidiyo aa haadu! :P :P