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Thursday, December 30, 2010


My last blog post of this year surely less venom-filled, less anger-filled and less frustration-filled than my last blog post of last year...:)..It's amazing - what a turnaround has happened.:)...Last year at this time, I was probably the most frustrated soul on earth ever...and now, like I said in my previous posts...except for 1 sad event, that of my dad passing away, LIFE HAS NEVER BEEN BETTER...& I'VE NEVER BEEN & FELT STRONGER...

2010 has easily, without a doubt, been THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE...:)...It has been the year of maximum learning, maximum satisfaction, maximum touring, maximum eating (:P :P) and it taught me the most important thing - to love myself first! That's really the key to feel good in life..:)..and of course, I've learned to stop complaining :)...I no longer seem to have any issues with anything/anyone :)...And this year has also taught me what to and what NOT to live for in life...When a man has studied for 6 months, graduated, secured jobs and has been idle and partying away to glory for the next 6 months in the year, why wouldn't he call it as the best year of his life? :) I don't think such a blissful time will ever come again :)...until retirement :)

Anyways, I saw this wonderful movie day before yesterday night at 9 pm, for the umpteenth time on Movies Now - SPEED. Well, this movie is most memorable for a lot of reasons-

1. To the best of my memory, it was the first movie I saw in the theater with dad i.e. of course, others in the family were there too, but dad was someone who hardly ever came out to movies...So, this was the first movie we saw with him in a theater.

2. This was the last movie I saw in Galaxy theater before it was closed - It was an AWESOME theater.

3. This was the first ever English movie I saw in a theater. I always used to dislike (and I still do actually) most English movies simply because I wouldn't quite understand them. But this movie stood out - SUCH AN AWESOME STORY AND BEAUTIFULLY MADE, it shall remain etched in anyone's minds forever.

4. I was around 7 when I saw this movie. For many years following this movie, I had a fear of elevators :P. I never used to go by elevators and always preferred climbing the stairs, fearing that the same thing which happened to the elevators at the beginning of the movie would happen to me too!! :D :D

5. Luckily, I didn't have a fear of buses :P :P...hehe...Anyways, I don't think I need to give a review of this movie as such, because I'm sure EVERYONE of my generation and everyone elder to me would've seen this !!

6. Keanu Reeves is absolutely AWESOME in this movie...Jeff Daniels plays his role too very well...Dennis Hopper steals the show with his beautiful psycho act.....Sandra Bullock, well, this is one of her best movies ever...for sure...she makes a good bus-driver

7. This shall EASILY QUALIFY as one of THE BEST ACTION MOVIES EVER....Every daredevil stunt is just TOO GOOD and too legendary...Especially the bus jumping over the gap in the freeway - easily one of the greatest stunts of all time! The action inside the bus...under the bus when the hero tries to put out the bomb...the action when they get out of the bus...the action on the train...Everything is just too awesome!

8. The background score of this film can NEVER BE FORGOTTEN of THE BEST BGM'S ever....So much, that the BGM was actually plagiarized into a song in a Kannada movie starring Shivraj Kumar!! :D :D

9. The subtle love story...The dialogue - "Relationships which begin under intense cirumstances don't usually last long" :)...It's true ...Well, at least as far as I've seen, It holds true :D :P...

10. I remade this movie ..spoofed it up, replacing the original star cast with my PUC lecturers...much to the laughter of my classmates....Ashish (the Bond :D) even renamed me as Ashwin Spielberg Kumar..after listening to it :D ...

To sum up, this is a timeless classic - one which I can watch any number of times and enjoy it just as much each time :)...It is a pity that this was a movie with the worst sequel ever...
And it really transports me back to that zamaana...:)..
Where the greatest challenge in life was to secure a good rank in class :)..
Where the only thing to fret about were homeworks and exams :)...Where BMTC buses were red BTS buses :)...where many circles had no traffic signals :)...when Bangalore was green :)...when bus tickets were priced at a maximum of Indian Rupee ₹3.50..:) where Indian Rupee ₹ was Rs. :D :D...where there were hardly any flyovers in the city :)....where Plaza and Galaxy were awesome theaters :)...where a plate of masala dosa was about Indian Rupee ₹6..where having a dial-up net connection on a Pentium desktop computer was a LUXURY :) :)..where Dave was the best computer game :D....I can go on and on :)....Though this age has a lot to offer...deep down, I would still LOVE to rewind back in time that age :)...
AAH..BLISS :)...

Anyways, this year has also marked the maximum activity in blogging from my side..:)...
Thanks to God for making this year the best year of my life...:)....and the one which REDEFINED ME & MY LIFE :)
Here's wishing you all a very happy 2011 in advance :)...May God bless you all with loads of good health and happiness :)...and hope God continues to be with me in 2011 & always.. and lead me to the path of happiness just like he has done in 2010 :)


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