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Friday, July 16, 2010



There are just 2 books I've read in my entire life -

1. A "Famous Five" book by Enid Blyton which I read in my 3rd or 4th standard...I don't even remember which one it was!!

2. AR Rahman's biography..

and there are 2 I am reading now

1. "Wings of fire" by His Excellency, Dr.Abdul Kalam
2. Adam Gilchrist's autobiography..

Of all these, there was this small excerpt from "Wings of Fire" which I could SO TRULY, SO PERFECTLY identify myself with :)..

No other piece of wording has touched me as much as this...because this mentions EXACTLY....TO A T....the kind of person I am :).....Hats off to Dr.Abdul Kalam!

Before I get to the excerpt, some lines about the book - it's a really nice book..if you choose not to mind the overdose of technical details of rocket science.....between these intricate details of rocket science are beautifully interspersed, some hard-hitting morals, values, virtues and lessons which one can learn from his greatness himself !!
I am still reading this....Will post a review ..once I am done ...

But as of now's the excerpt....I SO LOVE TO READ these lines OVER n OVER again....
they're just BEAUTIFUL :) sweet music to my ears....
I dunno...for all of you...there might be nothing special about these lines...they might be just ordinary....I might be going ga-ga over nothing....but I dunno...these lines have a special effect on me :)...They can totally perk me up and keep me in my best spirits whenever needed :)....Don't ask me why ..I myself dunno might think I am crazy :D....well yeah..may be I am :P....
But I dunno ...its probably because these lines PERFECTLY highlight the kind of person I am..... which I guess no one else has ever figured out till now :) may be because of personal experience as well :)...Anyways...I won't spoil the path to the beautiful excerpt with my crappy lines :D it is -

"There are some individuals who bring to their work a personal touch of magic based upon their individual character, personality, inner motives, and perhaps the dreams crystallized within their hearts. They become so emotionally involved with their work that any dilution of the success of their effort fills them with grief".

Ending with a small TRap ;)

Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam,
Ungalukku ennudiya salaam!! :)

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Harinee said...

Very Inspiring!! :) :)