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Monday, June 14, 2010

Master of Science :) - the end of an interesting chapter in life

Okay folks...this one's gonna be a long blog post :) beware..

Anyway..coming to the fact of the matter straight away - I am now officially a Master of Science, in Computer Science :), The Ohio State University, USA :).

According to my friend Artika, the degree should have been apt - Master of Blading :D ...I don't disagree one bit! :D It is my God-gifted art of "blading" which has always got me through everything! :D It helped me a great deal during MS as well !! :) I think I should be given a minor in cooking as well :D - after learning to make Pav Bhaji, Samosa chaat and so on.

So, you guys get the picture, right? Apart from blading, I have become a master in sleeping, eating, cooking, procrastination, lazing around, last-minute work - basically EVERYTHING except Computer Science!! :D :D - which was what I was supposed to master! :D

So, how does it feel? It feels absolutely awesome!! :) It feels like I've done SOMETHING good in life :). For someone as incompetent as me (I so epitomize a "goob-mundedhu", as Bharath Sriram puts it :D ), this is REALLY SOMETHING! :) And yeah, THE BEST THING - the degree does increase my chances at the matrimony arena!! YAYYY! :D :D.

In 23 years, I've learned the most ONLY in these 2 years of life - no, not technically :D. Technically, I have learned ZILCH! :D And what's worse?! - I've even seem to have forgotten the little technical stuff I've learned during B.E.

It is gonna be a herculian task for me to now brush up on my technical skills. But never mind actually, I WILL ALWAYS HAVE AND WILL NEVER LOSE FAITH IN MY BLADE! :D I believe I can blade my way through anything in life! :D

My advice to people who are doing / wanna do M.S :

1. Don't do it like I did mine. :D Please try to get your act right, from the very beginning.
2. Never venture into something you are NOT really interested in doing.
n last but not the least - THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE -
3. Tough situations = situations which make you tough :)
4. No matter what happens, never take tension :). There's always a solution for every damn problem in the world!

Some of the good times here (which are VERY FEW)
(in no particular order)

1. Working at the Marketplace, as a student cook.
2. Nov 4th, 2008 - my advisor agreeing to fund me.
3. June 29th, 2009 - getting my first ever A grade, and then getting permission to go to India for a month.
4. August 2009 ONWARDS - beginning of good times, with the best roomie I could've ever asked for - Mr.Asok :D - all the concept discussions :D.
5. Exponentially increasing visits to Qdoba :D...and eating gumbos :P
6. The 2 minutes of time everyday in which I get to listen to the voice of the recently-turned-busy Sindhu.
7. My birthdays...the 2 most special gifts i've ever received from anyone outside my family - from Harinee and Sindhu.
8. Atlanta trips, food at Saravana Bhavan.
9. Raleigh trip - getting to meet Aks :P.
10. Gossip chats with Comics every night :D.
11. Irritating Rakshitha by praising TR. :D
12. Giving b'day bumps to Bharath on every birthday and enjoying along with TS :D, him getting kicked.
13. Scolding and swearing on everyone along with Bharath :D.
14. SMSE and Eserve project meetings :D :D - watching Telugu movies suggested by Ashish and having some Ashish-cooked-curry everyday for dinner :D.
15. Making Artika say "I wanna go home! :(" and "I am sleeepy! :(" everyday :D.
16. Oh yeah, of course, buying my keyboard :), making songs of my own :).
17. Hanging out with Amruta and Lakshmi, Bharath and Raghu.
18. Insanely long and insane chats with Aks :P.
19. Talking to Swathi and irritating J :P.
20. Making movies with Shayan :D
21. Weekend calls to Saranya.
22. Hanging out with Roshni, Shetty and Sahoo.
23. 757 project with Praveen and Shubhanan :D.
24. Lunch at Moys with Bharath and Arun Narayanan.
25. Insulting Chockalingam and Ramalingam on facebook :D.
26. Chatting with Sundar about him becoming a mass hero :D.
27. Making Hema sing :D
28. Being amused at Priyanka's buzzing :D

coming to the BEST things...

voice-chatting with mom ....

chatting + phone talks with Harinee :)
No doubts about that :)......

Please lemme know if I've missed out any good moments with any1 :) I am sorry...but my memory is bad :D...this is all I can remember..:)....
But yea...if I've missed out on any1, it ain't intentional :)

Some of the people I HAVE TO thank for accomplishing this -
( please don't feel bad if ur name ain't there on this list :) ...these r some names i HAVEEEE TO mention :) )

1. my Mum - surely, this wud've been impossible without you. Love you.
2. my bro - made life a lot easier for me ....thanks to the fact that he's here...
3. my family - for being there with me through out.
4. Harinee - life is heaven :) bcos of u :).
5. Mr. Asok / Cole / Arun - life surely wud've been miserable without u.
6. Sindhu
7. Coco - best company.
8. Aks - I've never had this much fun with any1 else in life :)
9. the almighty - for being there thru out.
10. my advisor and group - for all the support and help.
11. All my friends - for everything they've done for me!

Cheers! :)
Ashwin S Kumar, MS ;)


Anonymous said...

SOOOO SOOO proud of you Ashwin!!! Especially your 4/4 GPA in ur final qtr.. You should have worked that hard in all your other Quarters... :(

Ashwin Kumar Yemmmm Yessss ... Awaiting to welcome you soon!!!

Ashwin S Kumar said...

THANK YOU!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Mostly it'll be me welcoming u back :P...let's hope not :D

Abhiram said...

I see. Congrats mama :P

peterson's bio said...

Hi Ashwin - nice blog, nice sentiments; loved the stuff about your mom; and Congratulations and all the very best in whatever path / career you choose (get a job in your field; join a professional music school near your workplace; become the musician that you want to be and are destined to be); above all, enjoy life. Best wishes as always - Sekhar

Ashwin S Kumar said...

Thanks a lot !! :) :)

@Abhiram - thanks mama :D

Archana said...

this is a BIG post... so many ppl to thank.. so many names u have mentioned..
i had always thought guys were BAD with dates... but yeah, u proved to be an exception remembering every occasion with the date!
COCO-Amazing company???? think abt it!!

Ashwin S Kumar said...

haha :D