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Monday, May 3, 2010


Hi all :)

TODAY'S THE DAY...I FINALLY FELT that....there was at least SOME POINT in me having come here all the way, to the US of A an MS in Computer Science :)

When I came here...I had 4 goals in mind -

1. To get funded
2. To implement an idea of my own
3. To have at least ONE publication
4. To graduate successfully without any trouble :D

Goal #1 was achieved on Nov 4th, 2008...when my advisor told the golden words - that he would hire me as a Graduate Research Assistant :)

Goal #2 was achieved last quarter...when my team and I implemented a "Similar Music Search Engine" as a part of a database project course..

Those who know me ...surely know that I am obsessed, crazy, addicted to music....:)
Those who know me very well...also know that I HATE people who plagiarize music like Pritam......such people are almost usurping opportunities from other talented, original music composers...:)
So I had this idea of making a system which detects plagiarized music...Such systems already exist :)...but my idea was based on using musical notes to detect plagiarism...and applying subsequence matching :)....

We didn't quite make an outstanding system :)...but I felt it was a fair bit of effort :) come up with such a system in 10 weeks :)..which works fairly on piano instrumentals..:)...

Everyone who took the course got an A, but still it was heartening for me :) to get an A grade for an idea of mine :).

Goal #3 was kinda long-pending...but was finally achieved on May 2nd 2010....when a paper which I co-authored (I am the 2nd author) was accepted at a conference to be held in August at Niagara falls :)..

Goal #4 will HOPEFULLY be fulfilled on June 13th 2010 :)...if i clear all my courses for this quarter with satisfactory grades :)..( it's not simple, trust me! :D )

All of the above might sound very might be like NOTHING AT ALL..and very commonplace for a graduate student in Computer Science at The Ohio State University :)...

BUT...those of you who know me......SURELY know HOW TECHNICALLY DUMB AND CRIPPLED I am :D :D...and that I only know to speak and write well :P ( I should have been an English professor :P ) local language - i am expert in "BLADE/PITEEL/REEL" :D :D

For a dumb person like me, having come so far is really not trivial :D :D...(at least, I don't feel so :P )....I am feeling great today :)...I feel that I have at least justified myself in having come here :)....I feel I have accomplished something at least in life :)

(all praise to the lord :) )

PS - I can't become an AR Rahman in music :P...Let me at least become him in speech :D :D :D ...hehe


Swa said...

Great Ashwin... Amazin feat achieved... Awesome.. am super happy too :)
n you are neither technically dumb not technically crippled.. keep up the good work.. Congratssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Prashanth said...

Congrats :)

Go for PhD :P

sun said...

Congrats da!!

sun said...

Congrats da!!

Ashwin S Kumar said...

@Kamle - thank u :) there are other better ways to commit suicide :D

@Swathi - THANKS !! :) :) :) :) :) :)

@Sundar - thanks da :) :)

Prathibha said...

Congrats Ashwin! This is defintely not trivial!! Good going. All the best :) Hope to see many more posts about your achievements.

Ashwin S Kumar said...

Thank u!! :) :)