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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One of those rare days in which I slept at night :)

"Aberration - Deviation, departure from the norm. "

- Barron's "How to prepare for the GRE", wordlist 1
( one of the old versions :D which I read in 2007 :) )

Life seemed programmed all these days, as though it were driven by a Perl (Yeah, I love Perl :) ) script.

My weekday typically goes like this -
(You'll have to excuse the weird schedule, because, as is evident, I am a nocturnal person, who's still being faithful to dear old IST :). I am following AR Rahman's and Harris Jayaraj's footsteps as much as possible you see...they are nocturnal people too! :D Okay okay, enough with the exaggeration. Let me move on with the post :) )

- Brush teeth, eat Maggi / Upma, sleep at 7 am
- Wake up at 11.30 am for class/lab, bathe and leave.
- At around 12.30 pm - 1.30 pm, have lunch ( Either curry tofu at Moys' or Veggie Patty atSubway or Veggie Omlette at HangOverEasy (Oooooooh, the waitresses there are so incredible! :D. I've got BORED of Pennstation. Lunch is the time at which I usually speak to Swathi :). It's always a pleasure speaking to her :) ).
- Then, after this, I come back to class/lab, spend a couple of hours.
- Then, I come home at around 5.30 pm.(While doing all this, in between I chat with Aks here n there. It's something I've so gotten used to ever since I came to the US :). I don't know what I would do if Aks weren't there :) )
- I crash
- I wake up at 9 pm, have dinner, finish our project meetings and start work (and say a hello to Comics, TS and Vidhya and Rakshitha :D and these days - Jayanthi too :P well, she's coming online a lot these days, for reasons best known to her ;) ;) ;) and Oh yes, another Hi to Aks :) ),
- Call up Sindhu at 12 am :) :) :) which is one of the best parts of my day :), if not the best :) :) and then continue with work.
- Then, I simultaneously chat with Soap for a while, :) which is something I've been eagerly looking forward to every night, :) since the past month :) and comment on her blog posts even before she's published them :D :D
- Go back to the beginning of the schedule :D

The only difference is, if I get really bored (we do get very bored frequently :D ) in the early morning and so does Arun, we end up watching a movie from 5.30 am - 8 am :D :D even if we have a presentation / demo on that day! :D (this has happened! :D )
more often than not, Arun comes to my room, sits down on my chair (which is called the "concepts" chair :D ) and then we start discussing "concepts". :D :D and go on for hours. Comics is the only other privileged and qualified member to be a part of our concept discussions. :D
For more information on "concepts", you can contact me or Arun or Comics. :D :D We'll be more than glad to include you in our extremely insightful discussions and debates if you show interest :D :D

There is of course the voice chat with family every now and then.

Typical weekend -
Very very similar to the typical weekday, except that there's no class/lab, and there's more sleep during afternoons :) and there's some cooking too! :D
And when there's a lot of flow, there's music and song recording or lyrics writing ! :) :) If there's an album ready, there's a music album release too! :)
Also, calls to Saranya, Pallavi, Jahnavi, Jayanthi :)
On some weekends, there's the visit to the Indian Store i.e. Patel Brothers + lunch/dinner atDosa Corner. Else, lunch buffet at New India restaurant :).
On the day of a blue moon :) we go to Bahn Thai and have Thai food :).

Sunday-Monday (yeah, remember - my day is the night! :) ) was a super day for me :) It was a very refreshing change :)

For the first time, on Sunday noon (weather was beautiful, such a warm day! temperature was 4 deg C :) ), I broke free from the Indian-Chinese-Mexican-Sub food routine and had Mediterranean cuisine :) :) at Ali Baba's ! :) I wouldn't call it AWESOME, but it was CERTAINLY REFRESHING! Falafels reminded me of masala vadai :). Pitas were as soft as kulchas. They had some amazing Cauliflower curry which was like Gobi Manchurian and another amazing Brinjalcurry. But darn! they were cold! :( If only they were hot, it would've been a perfect Indian lunch for 7$ :).

The lunch was so refreshing and then we came home. I wanted to sleep from 4-5. :)
I achieved it !!! :) But the only difference was, I slept from 4 pm - 5 am!! :D
A staggering 13 hours! I hadn't slept like this in centuries! I had slept a week's sleep in one night! :) :) My joy knew no bounds :) :). I then ate maggi and had a long hot shower.

It felt very nice being back to sane timings :). Arun made chapathi and the ready-to-eat rajma. I hogged that. Then to celebrate the arrival of Arun's goodies from India, Arun made Puli Aval :D. I hogged that as well :D. Then came to class and again had the mediterranean lunch today too! :) There's something about that food (nope, not the taste! :) ) which makes you feel wonderful for the moment :).

It is 4.40 pm now. I will be heading home in sometime. Alas! A lot of project work and RA work is pending. So another coffee/redbull-driven all-nighter beckons :(.
So, I'll have to get back to the typical schedule now i.e. nocturnalism. :(

I will not face jet-lag when I come to India :). ( Oh :( Why, oh why did I remember India now?! Nostalgia begins! :( )

It'll be long before you guys again see me awake during my day time :) and even longer before you see another blog post from me. :)

Good wishes, regards and love to all of you, :)


Harinee said...

Yayy!! soap finds a mention in the blog! Thank u very much kind sir! :)
And also ..FINALLY U got some sleep! U r always online and awake.. Its high time u take a break and get some sleep! Else TR's quality of performance will not match the expectations of his fans.. :) :)

Ashwin S Kumar said...

my pleasure soap :) !!!

haha...sure sure :D...thy wish is my command :) ..

Bhumika said...

im privileged to be part of the "concepts" discussion :D

Ashwin S Kumar said...

@comics - it's our privilege to have you :D :D