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Friday, January 1, 2010

WHAT AM I ?? first post for 2010 :)....

My tagline from this no longer "tall, dark and handsome" :D

It is .."FRAGILE...HANDLE WITH CARE" :)...Sincere thanks to whoever told me this :) :)


A recent sequence of events...has left me to WHAT I AM....and what exactly "close" friendship is...
What, according to you people, is "close" friendship? :)


If I am a close friend, then how close?
If I am not a close friend, then how not-close?

Am I a friend AT ALL??


-Am I JUST like one of those facebook apps/quizzes ( Yeah..I could be some app like "TRap of the day"...or I could be an "imitation jukebox"...where you request the voice..and I imitate it)....or MAINLY, some comedy toy?...which you can play with whenever you are bored/ need some fun...and then leave it ....Am I something like that? Or ...Am I more than that?

-Am I JUST a locker....where you can safely keep all your secrets and personal stuff...Am I something like that? OR..Am I more than that?

-Am I JUST like an ATH (any-time-help) which you give instructions about what you need...and the machine does it for you....and completely forget about the machine...until the next time you need help from it .....Am I that machine? OR...Am I more than that?


Your answers will really help...people :)

It'll help me clear all the false assumptions I make...
i.e. I don't want to assume that I am your close friend or whatever...when the reality is ...I actually am not...:).... (This has happened :) ...believe me...yeah...I have been that stupid and idiotic to make such assumptions...and I don't want to make them in the future :) )

So...if you intend to do something good to me :) :)...please be as clear and as frank as that it clears all the confusion and false assumptions in me :)...

Waiting for your answers,
Thanks a ton, :)


Prashanth said...

In my opinion, a close friend is one who cares about you.

Given the above definition of a close friend, I think the "closeness" quotient can be measured by looking at how well your friend remembers what you told him/her. It can be in terms of favours you asked, problems you have, or any other things you tell him/her about your life. Though my theory sounds weird, if a person really cares about you, he/she would have tried to find a solution to your problem or would have given it a considerable amount of thought, and hence remembered most of the things you told him/her.

Given the above criteria, my closeness co-efficient would be 6.5/10 :)

Ashwin S Kumar said...

wow! Thank you Kamle! :)

Nice definition! :)
My theory is quite similar too :)

vijayskumar said...

Unless you are able to, from the bottom of your heart, exercise the freedom of who or what you want to be in life, it makes no sense to gauge what you are from another person's point of view, coz are they seeing the real you that you want to be?

Ashwin S Kumar said...

I am what I am..:)...I am not many different people..:)

Abhi said...

Arre adh yeno j^@t idu! Don't worry mama, yellaru jothe "patch up" aagatte :P

Ashwin S Kumar said...

@abhiram - LOL :D