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Friday, November 6, 2009

KANAA KAANGIREN - latest addiction :)

Alright :) This is about another song..which I heard yesterday night..
and its grown on me completely :) and gripped me :) and not letting me go of it :)..

I've been listening insanely to this song over and over again..
It is AWESOME :)

Hats off to G V Prakash for creating a song like this! :)

Well..the song does have its own pitfalls....Without a look at the music credits, I would've easily thought that this song was by AR Rahman (because of the rhythms and percussions and choice of singers :) )....OR..Harris Jayaraj (because of the tune and chords :)...very very "Harris-h" :D )...
Also...he has done a very very very similar song ..called "alibaba thangam" in his earlier film "polladhavan"...this song is more or less like a continuation of that..:)

G V Prakash does seem to have derived a lot of inspiration from both the legends...It is not surprising...considering that he has worked quite a bit for both of them...

BUT...overlooking all this....we have a BRILLIANT song...more or less perfect every sense :)

Feels great to listen to the voices of Shubha Mudgal and Nithyashree after ages :)

...Many people have been disagreeing with me till now...on this....But I still stand by my word :)...when I say Rukmini Vijaykumar looks and dances AWESOME :) is an absolute pleasure to watch the graceful beautiful lady all the way :)

Of course...I do agree if people say that the hero is a turn off :D....
But who cares...when we have Rukmini throughout :)

Njoi :)
Cheers :)


Psygote said...

I think we can assume a :) unless otherwise stated, because there is just lots them, like ; in a c program.

Ashwin S Kumar said...

sure :D

Suman W M Sivachar said...

Had been a long time since I'd seen any Tamil song video. Nice one (song and video). :)

Ashwin S Kumar said...

finally some1 agrees with me! :D thank u :D hehe