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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Okay! I guess I am blogging after a really long time. The past few weeks have been quite hectic. Quite a bit of research work had to be done.. and the quarter has started..which means the chain of assignments and midterms and quizzes and projects has started..

My roomie and I wanted to take it easy today..I was lazing around the whole day..We decided to watch a movie in the evening - Couples Retreat

Both of us being big time Rahmaniac's :), were absolutely spellbound and bereft of words when we heard the soundtracks which released a couple of weeks ago. This is easily if not THE BEST (according to IS the best :) ), one of AR Rahman's best works.
( for those of you who are hearing about AR Rahman for the first time, he is the best musician I've ever known. We won't see someone like him for eternity. If you want to listen to the best of his music, I'd recommend you can google up and listen to these soundtracks - Roja, Kadhalan, Bombay, Lagaan, Swades, Alai Payuthey, Kannathil Muthamittal. I can go on and on because everything that he has done is awesome :). Listen to these first, and I can point you to more, if you are still interested. I am sure you will be :) ).

He is THE inspiration to all musicians hailing from India and other countries too, I am sure.

Anyway, with him in mind, we went to watch the movie. But when we did start watching the movie, the story and the film itself were so good, that we ended up almost forgetting about Rahman. :) Of course, we were awestruck as usual, when we heard our favorite tracks being played in the background.

We were sure - Who cares how awesome or awful the movie is, we're gonna watch it for Rahman!

Every Indian is sure to be proud to see the God of music weaving his charm all over Hollywood. :)
And more so, every Tamizhan is SURE to feel proud when the Tamil song "Kuru kuru" plays in the background. Damn! If only I were in India, I am sure , I along with fellow Rahmaniacs would've whistled and howled and screeched through out the movie. :)

People have slammed it as lame and rubbish and what not..But I loved every bit of it! It was fun and at the same time, made complete sense to me. And btw..the film is full of chicks..and some really good ones ;) what more could a guy want? :P

I came out of the theater, completely satisfied. The movie was worth every dollar we spent on watching it :). I did lose my umbrella though ! :( forgot it in the theater itself. Realized that only after I sat in the bus on the way back. May be I was so mesmerized by the chicks in the movie :P. lol.

I would love to watch the movie again. This was JUST the movie I needed to unwind and de-stress a little. A perfect movie for a Saturday night. A great day it indeed was!



Archana said...

Ur claim to fame- Rahmanian.. So, Mesmerised, u should be!!! But with the "chicks" in the movie, did Rahman take a back seat?? A thing to ponder about!! Aint it?

Ashwin S Kumar said...

haha :D yeah..very much debatable :D