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Monday, July 13, 2009

another one :)

aaah..the pleasure of waking up on a monday morning n realizing that u r on vacation :) :)...awesome! :)

anyway...decided to continue braying..:D....i wanted to record either my all-time favorite song "neethaane" ...or "kaatrukullai"..both from the movie Sarvam, arguably the best ever album of Yuvan Shankar Raja..this is the album which made me a big fan of him ..

Anyway...i settled for Kaatrukullai..becoz...Neethaane has awesome percussions...which are difficult to replicate on my keyboard....

On the other hand, Kaatrukullai is very simple...and BEAAAAAAUUUTIFUL !!

This is the original - Kaatrukullai
...Yuvan has obviously gone off key in many places ....but it is his DRUNK, EMOTION-FILLED singing...which makes the song sound awesome!!! :) n of course..the music n the visuals..and OF COURSE...TRISHAAAAAAA :P :D

so..if i have made mistakes in my singing....u can't bash me...i m just doing justice to the original :P
here is my distortion-filled version -

njoi ppl !!
will be back with more songs...when i get the complete hang of playing the keyboard..after this 10-month hiatus..:)


Prashanth said...

Nice :) I could go to sleep listening to this.

Ashwin S Kumar said...

haha..thank u kamle! :)