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Thursday, March 27, 2008

1st blogpost...pretty long eh???

Hello all :)

I' m new to blogging. But not new to reading blogs.
Blogging is just one of those things I thought of doing, looking at every1 else around me doing the same thing.

Opening a mail acct was the first such thing.
Signing up for orkut was the next thing :)
N now this.

I cudnt think of any1 else while trying 2 find out a title for my blog...
So I just came up with this title!!!

I wonder y i am this person who is doing wat every1 else around him does.

I wonder y I am a trend-follower, rather than a trend-setter....

It was a friday..March 21st 2008...
I couldnt go to CAIR
( thats where i m doing my 8th sem project ); it was closed too.
I thought of going to office ( Oracle SSI, Marathalli..thats where I m doing my internship ) , but it was pouring cats and dogs all day.

I had to sit at home..couldn't step out anywhere...
I got BORED of the regular schedule -

{ chatting();

I needed a break; from all this!!!

If it was one of the earlier semesters, i wud've been the nerd that I once was ages ago :D...
n wud've studied for internals :P :D....but

come on!!! 8th sem of engg!!! wud any1 care bout an internal!!
certainly..i won't!!!! :)

I was still looking for other means of timepass.....

That's when I remembered...that i had a yamaha psr - 295...which i had got from dubai during my 3rd uncle gifted it to me....

When I like a song, I just don't like it ...
wat i mean is....
I get TOO TOO TOO Addicted to it!

I was big time addicted to this song "Ottraikannala" from the movie "Vel" *ing Surya n Asin...

It is a brilliant song!

I used to play songs on the keyboard....err...something like instrumental versions u can say.....

I was a very good bathroom family n neighbours will vouch for that fact! :P....n at other times..
during jamming, I used 2 sing along with the group...I had never tried doing a solo act...

I thot it was time to try out one :)

Of course I did record few other songs earlier..."Loose Penne" from the movie "Vallavan" n "Padichi Paarthen" from the movie "Polladhavan"....But I sent these just to my friend Cole...
for timepass...

"Ottraikannala" was the 1st song I decided to send to all my friends.
You can download it here

The quality sucks, as the recording was done using a comp microfone...but nevertheless,
I did get some good, unexpected feedback for it!! :)

Prashanth: Really good. Beautifully sung. Nice music.

Vinz: awesome man
me: wat ??????????????????
Vinz: ur real good
me: seriously a?
Vinz: yeah
me: thanks da :)
Vinz: the mic is poor
but ur voice is good

n my friend Cole..

Arun: amazin dude..
its good!
me: hmmm
thanks dude :)
:D :D
Arun: yup. im always frank dude ;)

Lakshman:Amazing work brother !!! Super !!!

Its now up2 u ppl 2 give ur feedback...
Plz BE FRANK...:)

Well...I got the mood to record another song..
I recorded "Mudhal Mazhai" from "Bheema". It DID NOT come out well...
My mum as well as my frnd cole did not like it.

Then I recorded "Akkam Pakkam" from the movie "Kireedom".
You can download it here

This one too, earned some good feedback :)

I m as clever as any1 else :)...I uploaded only the ones which went down well! ;)

That's it for now...I typed this post sitting at office :)...

I m beginning 2 like blogging...Hope to continue with many more posts! :)



Pooots said...

Welcome to the big bad world of blogging... :D

Even i am into nowadays ;)

Ashwin S Kumar said...

hehe :D


Pooots said... changed your blog name again!!

Abhi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
netra said...

Great going Ashwin :)

Ashwin S Kumar said...

thank u netra :)

c said...

Interesting Blog; keep it going - am unable to download from Rapidshare - always get the eror - "You have reached the download-limit for free-users."
Can you upload them anywhere else for an easier download? - Sheikh

Ashwin S Kumar said...

alrite...will do that